Summer Program

2410 Spencerville Road,

Spencerville, MD 20868


Dear Families,

We are excited to present the PBMS 2021 Summer Program for children 2 to 6 years old. We have seven themed weeks planned from July 6th through August 20th with many fun and engaging activities for all participants.

The summer program is staffed by the wonderful, nurturing and dedicated staff who work at PBMS throughout the year.  

The following forms need to be completed:

  1. Summer Program Application - please send in FIRST
  2. Summer Program Details
  3. Summer Program Fees
  4. Policy and Fee Agreement
  5. Parent COVID Commitment
  6. Emergency Form
  7. Maryland Immunization Certificate
  8.  Health Inventory
  9.  Medication Administration Authorization Form
  10. Permission Forms
  11. COVID Health and Safety Precautions.

Please do reach out if you need any assistance, 301-434-0373


Joan Criscuolo

Director of Admissions


Session I: July 6th to July 30th

(4 weeks)

   Session I: July 6th - 9th: Art Explosion  

Come and express your creative side. Children will get creative with different types of art materials such as paint, glue, clay, foam, felt, glitter, sand, and much more.  

Children will also learn about famous artists and the different styles of art. We will end the week by inviting family and friends to admire the masterpieces the children  

have created.

  Session I: July 12th - 16th: Science Explorers       

Come spark your curiosity as we explore the world of science.   Children will discover what happens when they make Alka Seltzer rockets. They will explore color mixing with experiments such as rainbow Skittles and fireworks in a jar.  

Children will learn how to take simple household materials and use them to conduct safe and child-friendly experiments.  

   Session I: July 19th - 23rd: Ocean Adventures  

Come have fun learning the crab walk and playing other lively ocean animal games. An exciting time is planned as the children spend the week participating in activities that will cast them away to the wonders of the ocean with constructing sea salt art, making bubble wrap jellyfish,

and creating an ocean collage.  

Session I: July 26th - 30th : Teddy Bear Adventures

Join us for an exciting week as we celebrate the beloved

Teddy Bear. Children will learn some fun new Teddy Bear  

songs. We will discover where bears like to hide and make  

our own caves in which to hide. Children will do  

interesting art projects like painting with fur. We will end  

the week with honoring a fun holiday – Teddy Bears'  

Picnic Day.  

Session II: Aug. 2nd to Aug. 20th

(3 weeks)

Session II: Aug 2nd - 6th: Down on the Farm

Come have fun playing farm animal bowling and other  

wildly entertaining animal games. An exciting time is  

planned as the children spend the week participating in a

variety of activities such as farm animal track painting and  

straw painting. We will have a special visit from an Animal Farm!! 


  Session II: Aug 9th - 13th: The Magic of Eric Carle

Children will explore the world of Eric Carle through his many  

remarkable story books. They will make caterpillar necklaces  

and will make their very own busy spiders and webs. After  

reading Eric Carle's Little Cloud book, they will make puffy  

paint cloud art.

Session II: Aug 16th - 20th Take Me to the Zoo

Who doesn't love the zoo? Come on an adventure with us as  

we discover the many unique and exotic zoo animals that we  

we love to see at the zoo. Children will go on an animal scavenger hunt. They will learn how to waddle like penguins and slither like snakes. An exciting time is planned as the children spend the week learning about the many different traits of these special animals.